Unlocking the writer within

‘Mum, how can you say you’re dyslexic? You’re a teacher; you’ve got a degree.’ My daughter exclaimed after I shared with her how much of what I had read on the Dyslexia Association website resonated with me.

‘Yes, but you have no idea of the effort it took. Just because I achieved that and was in top sets at school doesn’t mean it was easy.’ I replied.

Writing was always hard work for me, trying to find the words to express what I felt and what I saw in my mind’s eye. To me, writing was a nightmare, words never seeming to cooperate.

Maths was a different story, I found it easy, experiencing the joy of learning it. Numbers always co-operated, lived and moved, unlike words that appeared lifeless, dead on the page, their meaning totally elusive.

At college, my friend and I spent hours trying to decipher essay titles, journeying through the dictionary, one word to another, until we finally gained an understanding of it. I hated it.

A chance conversation with an Educational Kinesiologist/Brain Gym® consultant and the subsequent transformation of my daughter’s lack of confidence, rebellious attitude, and not wanting to sit any of her exams to confidently sitting and passing them, going on to study another course and achieving merits and distinctions with her work, opened my world to new possibilities.

I found myself embarking on a journey of personal development and discovery, leaving teaching to train in Educational Kinesiology and Touch For Health. Exploring brain/body connections, gaining an awareness and understanding of systems within us that, if not properly integrated or balanced, have a major impact on learning.

An awakening to the power of specific questions eliciting responses deep from within had me ever more curious. Door upon door opening to new teachings and learnings through a variety of training.

Trauma experienced at my birth, apparently a forceps delivery, unlocked through a process, shocked me. I was amazed at how the pain and upset had been locked in my body all that time, unbeknown to me. It was quite a revelation, as too was the impact I realised it had had on my brain. Another process during my NLP training appeared to release my words, as I found myself stopping saying a phrase I always use to say – it’s like they go into this void, never to be seen again!

Words began flowing.

Along my journey, I decided to study the English Language ‘A’ level, a subject I believed I was not capable of doing. It wasn’t easy, but I had tools and techniques to support me now, and I passed it – I was delighted.

The turn towards writing came when a voice in my head told me I was going to write a book! How could that be possible? I can’t write! Curiosity overtook me – what could I write about? Leading to further adventures and discoveries of how to unlock the writer within, to help others with their writing through healing inner child experiences and transforming limiting beliefs.

I now thoroughly enjoy exploring words, bringing them to life and experiencing the healing that is taking place through writing two books I have on the go. But the joy of becoming a published author crept up on me through partaking in a Collaborative Book Project.

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