What is Weight Loss Freedom?

When we experience emotions or situations that we do not know how to deal with, we bury them, suppress them, park them in our energy field, and over time this can become such dense energy that it is experienced as physical weight in the body. The energy we carry in our energy field clouds our perspective about ourselves and situations. It is like wearing filters that only show us certain things. It keeps us stuck in the same patterns and cycles. Weight Loss Freedom is about uncovering the persistent subconscious thoughts that limit you, to enable you to experience more of what you wish to experience in life.

Without the knowledge or tools to manage those emotions, we initially store them in the layers of our aura, the energy around our body. Over time they become heavier as other experiences and similar energy is added. This energy then becomes denser and moves through the layers of the aura until it becomes physical, and we experience it as heaviness, physical weight and or disease. There are no miracle shakes, exercise programmes or calorie reduction that can make these experiences go away until we are ready to be aware of the energy so we can release it.

During my childhood, I experienced a lack of food and love which led me to struggle with my relationship with my body. I confused emotions with food and ate when emotions arose that I didn’t like. Gradually I gained weight, and I worked for a couple of weight loss companies and saw great results, but when the diet ended, the weight went back on plus some more. Even though I did loads of personal development, I still ended up trapped in a fat body that didn’t feel like me at all. Much as I wanted to deny it, it was limiting my life.

Through my own spiritual awakening and learning new ways to work with energy,  I discovered I was carrying weight for many, many reasons. Much to my surprise, it was nothing to do with what I ate or how much I exercised. I found that it’s also helpful being in a group of people to become more self-aware together. As I released many beliefs, it gradually became clear why I was holding onto the weight. It was not the physical weight that needed to change but my thoughts about me, others and my life.

I now run group programmes to assist others with what energy they are carrying that can be released. I also use and teach an extremely effective tool called the Energy Alignment Method to empower you to quickly and easily release the thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you and to create a new experience moving forward.  Together with my colleague Jad, we help you notice, acknowledge, and release the issues that have plagued you and prevented you from being your free lighter self.  

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