When Nature Calls

The summer is here, and for many of us, this means the holiday season has started; it is time to relax more with friends and family and enjoy our gardens and outdoor spaces.  Like me, do you often feel at peace when you are outdoors?  It is not always the case when I have my three children with me, as I am sure lots of people can relate, but I have moments when I experience a sense of calm, and it is these moments that help me stay focused and grounded.  When we find time for moments like these, we are recharging ourselves more than we may realise.

Being outdoors is scientifically proven to be not only good for our body, but the benefits on the mind and soul are massive too.  For me, exercising is far easier outdoors; you do not feel such physical exertion as you do indoors; I guess the sights around are also a great distraction.  Being surrounded by nature helps to lift your mood, and in turn, your energy levels increase.

Has anyone ever used the phrase ‘slow down and smell the roses’?  As a child, I used to think that was quite comical, but it was not until I got older and started living life in the fast lane that it really made sense to me.  If we allow ourselves time to slow down, we really do notice the smells of nature around us.  Freshly cut grass is a favourite and the sweet, refreshing smell of earth when the first rain falls after a sweltering day.  It provides us with free aromatherapy, leaving us feeling calm and relaxed.  Another great benefit of feeling the fresh air and warm sun on our skin is that it provides us with 90% of our Vitamin D. This is essential for a well-functioning body.

Being outdoors is a prescription we all need.  Restore your focus and forget about societal pressures.  Be kind to your mind and body, and remember the importance of looking after your well-being.  Let us not forget that the outdoors is accessible to all, and in a world where money has become the drive…it’s free!

There is a good reason they refer to it as the great outdoors; it is exactly that…GREAT!

Here are three things that you can do to help yourself connect with nature:

  • Earthing or Grounding – kick off your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet, spend 15 minutes visualising roots coming out of your feet and connecting you to the earth.
  • Plant a tree – water it and watch it grow!

Get yourself a bird feeder and spend 10 minutes a day quietly watching the birds enjoying their feast.

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