Yes to Life’s Invites

It was somewhat challenging thinking about writing for the Inspirational Women’s edition. The ‘imposter syndrome’ feeling flooded into my creative space, and of course, that old friend Belief questioned how could I inspire others?  Yet I welcomed kind encouragement from a woman who has inspired me with her own business creations and so ‘in-courage,’ I decided to trust the creative process; I was surprised at what revealed itself.  

I reflected on the twists and turns of my life to date, particularly the big experiences.  Like the one where I found myself staring into the face of intense fear atop a ridiculously high

mountain road in the Pyrenees as part of the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage in 2004.  The

road was blocked by an avalanche.  I found myself, along with my father, brother and sister,  inching across the top of uneven stone bollards that prevented vehicles from going over the edge to a steep, long drop below.  It was our only choice – to move forward. 

Laden with a heavy, over-packed rucksack, praying that the wind did not whip up and being very  conscious that the snow could shift at any time was insanely challenging.  What should  have been a 20-minute stroll ended up a 3-hour delicate tread, with a real chance of death  from one slip of the foot.  I certainly learnt I was capable, resilient and stronger than I had  thought and that something bigger was definitely encouraging and guiding us.  

Yet what sprung up for me when scanning my life for nuggets of inspiration to offer was that it wasn’t the big, crazy moments like the scenario above that was the catalyst for changing  the direction of my life towards living my heart’s desires.  It was that calm, inner voice that  simply said yes to the invites life gave me in everyday ways.  Like a social media post offering.  

More recently, this was exactly my experience when I wrote my first article for  Mo2vate.  I felt the presence of that voice that said yes again to an invite.  One sunny afternoon, it encouraged me to sit underneath a tree that I adore in the back garden where I live and write an article.  It opened up a new unseen path I had been imagining travelling  along since giving up my career to pursue working for myself; writing.  

That yes voice within led to my words being printed, writing for a collaborative book that has been published, and  now writing for a second collaborative book alongside my own book!  I believe there is a part of us that knows we can live our heart’s desires.  It seems to mysteriously work in partnership with life and encourages us to say yes unhesitatingly even though we may not logically understand why we say yes.  So far, that part hasn’t let me down and I am excited  to meet future unseen paths to new heart’s desires!  

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