You don’t have to have it all figured out

We all have dreams. Dreams of making it big! Big business, big profits, but they can equal big headaches.

It’s all about strategy and planning. As they say, ‘Fail to plan, you plan to fail’. 

The problem is we start our businesses because we love what we do. We are super passionate about our service or product. We want to put all our energy into our clients, not our social media status and marketing campaigns.

Yet as small business owners, we have to be able to attract clients and figuring it out can be overwhelming, but that’s a by-product of us trying to figure it all out ourselves. We feel like we are doing it alone.

Good news though, we’re not. I’m here to let you know that you don’t need to have it all figured out. You are not building your business alone.

You may have noticed there is something else working alongside us in this world. When it shows up for us in a positive way, we call it:






Just some of the ways we explain away the miracles that go on around us every day. But what if there was no ‘luck’ involved? What if you had created that ‘coincidence’?

There is something dictating the ways things work in the universe called the Law of Attraction, and it’s been around for much longer than we have. 

It’s responsible for how the flowers grow, the trees move, and the waters flow. It is also responsible (in part) for how well your life and business go.

Every time you have a dream, you put that thought, and energy, out into the universe and the wheels of manifestation are set in motion. If you continue to keep focusing on that dream, more of that energy goes out, and the motion builds speed. 

Add how you feel about your dream to the mix, and the energy in motion (emotion) starts to orchestrate the people and places in your life ready for manifestation.

Great news to know that we aren’t doing this alone, that the universe has our backs. However, just as the dreams you focus on become your reality, so too do your nightmares if you allow them a premium place in your mind.

Thankfully human beings are innately wired for success, so the dreams have a much stronger energy than the nightmares. Meaning you don’t have to worry too much about worrying.

Planning is great for your business, but focusing on the outcome is just as necessary, if not more so. And allowing the universe a little free rein, but not having it all figured out from the beginning makes dreams come true much faster.

You play your part and let the universe take care of some of the ‘hows’, like bringing you the right clients. Living with Pronoia, rather than paranoia, and knowing you are supported 100% by energies much more powerful than you, can make your business journey more fun – as it should be!

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