You don’t need to feel brave to move out of your comfort zone

I went from being a shy, introverted, ordinary girl in a corporate pharmacy career to a national-multi-gold-award winning beauty therapist with my own beauty business, massage therapist to A-listers, and now, I’ve just become a published author. 

If I hadn’t made the decision to change my life and back it with belief and action, I would still be stuck in a career that wasn’t serving me anymore. I would be waiting for my life to change. 

It didn’t come easy; it was several years later that I finally took action to set up my own business.

In August 2003, I experienced a ‘wake up call’ when I had an accident at work. A few weeks later, I had a vision, a dream so strong, of having my own beauty business. But I was a pharmacy technician! I had no knowledge of running a business or what it would take to become a beauty therapist. 

With much procrastination and feeling fear, I finally took a leap of faith to become a mature student, attending college alongside my full-time career, to become the person I had dreamed of becoming. At the college open event, being amongst students who had just left school, I felt like I shouldn’t have been there, and I wanted to run away. But something deep inside me was guiding me to do this. It was this small, bold, brave step that has led me on my path to where I am today. 

“You’re a fool to think you could ever be a success; stay in your safe job!” These were the words I kept hearing in my head, but my heart was telling me, “I could do this!” I put in the hard work necessary to achieve my goal. I believed I could do it. 

It wasn’t until November 2012 that I finally set up my professional home salon, Tranquil Beauty part-time. I still wanted to hang on to my safe, corporate career though, just in case I failed. 

It was several years before I realised the only person that could change my life and make the business a success was me! No one else. It took a major bereavement in 2018 to make me finally say goodbye to my pharmacy career for good, and I went full-time in my beauty business. I put in the hard work necessary to make my business a success, and I doubled my income in the first month! 

As Bear Grylls quotes, “Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear and finding a way through it.”

If you have a vision of setting up your own business and changing the course of your future, do whatever it takes to achieve the goal, and never, ever give up. Coming out of your comfort zone is very hard, but I can say from personal experience it is definitely worth it.

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