You’ve got two choices

When you hit blocks in your business, you have two choices. Either turn back and walk away or knock them out of your way.

Some blocks are external factors that you feel are out of your control, but others are internal. They are hard to spot; my clients come to me for the latter.

They are excellent at what they do; they love their work and put so much passion into it. Yet they are struggling to hit the level of success they want. There is always something that comes up, stopping them from reaching their goals.

It doesn’t seem to make sense, and in all honesty, to the logical mind, it won’t.

A client of mine had a successful business with clients that loved her work. Her income goal was £10k per month, and although she was reaching that on occasion, the rollercoaster of hit and miss was driving her crazy.

She struggled with the instability and found herself panicking at the beginning of every month, wondering if this month she’d make it.

She was focusing on what she wanted, but the constant worry was overwhelming.

When you ask the universe or God for what you want, you need to pay attention to a couple of things.

Firstly, are you asking for what you DO or what you DON’T want?

My client was definitely giving more attention to what she didn’t want. She didn’t want to have an empty bank account, default on her mortgage, or feel guilty about working and not spending time with the kids.

So, we shifted her thoughts to what she did want. More money in her bank account to pay her lovely mortgage and still have an overflow for herself and her family to enjoy together.

Secondly, are you asking from a place of abundance or lack/fear?

My client wanted consistent £10K months, but she was desperate for it to happen. Her narrative was always ‘please let me make £10K this month; I really need to pay my mortgage. I can’t lose my home. I have to provide, or I’ll be a terrible mother. Spending time away from my children, working on my business, and nothing to show’.

Every time she ran these thoughts on loop in her head, she sent out a low vibe energy of lack because she didn’t have what she wanted yet. This was matched, by the universe, with the same, meaning her fears were reflected back to her. If she did make an overflow of money one month, her fear of the money not staying would attract a situation where she had to spend that money (boiler breaking down, car failing its MOT, fridge/freezer breaking, you get the picture).

Internal blocks actually keep abundance from you and are usually hidden deep within, often stemming from a past or childhood experience around money, success and/or family.

My client chose to knock her blocks out of the way and went on to attract record months. But what do you choose? Are you turning and walking away, or are you willing to ‘get uncomfortable’ and do the inner work?

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